God Speaks A Dialogue is a personal and awakening conversation between God and you. This book speaks about love, choices, relationships and resistance. God Speaks to you every hour of every day.

This dialogue will provide you with a heightened view of your life and circumstances. He finds a way to make this book an opportunity for connection and acceptance.

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A brief history

I was born in Oklahoma City in 1957 to a middle-income family. I am the first born which provides a unique perspective on the workings of the family. My childhood was filled with mysteries and secrets. There are so many questionable scenarios involving family members, and the family protects these secrets like fierce attack dogs. My curiosity caused me to make up stories to fill in the gaps. Some may be too close to the truth, but I won’t tell those stories until some family members have passed just to make sure.

As a student, I thrived on the creative spirit of a storyteller, and some teachers and my parents called it lying, but it is all a matter of perspective. I transformed inanimate object into people and imagined them living their lives filled with the dramas and adventures I created.

As the author of God Speaks A Dialogue, I am sure I channeled the book, since I wrote it in one day.

On February 21, 1993, I went for a walk on a path near me as I did every Sunday. This beautiful warm day, I was angry and frustrated. My life was spiraling out of control and with every step I desperately tried to resolve the chaos of my life. I felt trapped.

My pace was driven by angst and desperation. My wife had left me for another and adjusting to life as a single parent was just the beginning. My parents suggested that I move from our home in southwest Virginia back home so I could be surrounded by family and friends while I found a place for my family, and I had just started a new job

I felt the emotions of my circumstances begin to build. I attempted to center my mind on the possibility of this walk clearing my head When I let go of my self-pity, I noticed I was alone on the path which was odd, because by the time I reached the quarter-mile marker, I had usually met several of my path pals. This lack of people only intensified my feelings instead of providing me some peace.

I began silently scolding myself for having created instability in my life. Next, I moved up the culpability chain and started accusing God. I began by asking, ‘Why have you done this to me? Where are you? I thought you were supposed to help people.” Random, condemning thoughts played in my head. Soon my thoughts became audible in a rapidly escalating tone and volume. Finally, I stopped at just beyond the three-quarter mile marker, and asked, “Why don’t you say something?”

A quite calm fell over the area. I felt the air change and I looked up to see an opening in the trees; the sun streaming on me. I stood still as if I was on holy ground. My body became rigid, and I felt my spirit lift.

With no struggle, a power built inside of me and quiet voice challenged, “And what would you have ME say?”

I immediately knew I was in the presence of EVERYTHING. I humbled myself and didn’t speak. The magnitude of the question amazed me. It was in that moment that I knew I needed to write His book.

It took several years before this book came into being. The delay started and ended with my ego. In 2006, I was visiting friends and one of them asked how my book was going. I told her I was still working on it. She just looked at me and told me to get out of my head and write the book. When I got home, I planned a day to write the book. I had written twenty-seven pages, which I thought were pretty good, but the words just seemed flat.

On my 49th birthday, I sat in my most comfortable chair and began reading what I had written. I was bored by the third page. I suddenly felt an overwhelming presence and heard a voice say, “Nice book. It’s not mine, erase it!” I was stunned. I looked down and questioned. “Erase it!” echoed in the room. I highlighted all the text and erased everything. With a rush of energy and knowing, I began to write with an ease and passion I’d never felt before. The words became a powerful message. I transcribed His words.

At 11:46pm, I was finished. I stood for the first time since 9:00am. I felt so free. I decided to walk to the beach, just two blocks from my house. Once I stepped on the sand, I began thanking God for His belief in me. I walked into the ebb and flow of the surf and looked into the sky with a great peace. I asked, “Is that what you wanted?” Immediately two ‘stars’ streaked across the sky from right to left. I got my answer.

I published the book in February 2007. It has been my greatest accomplishment. I now know that I am not alone and everything I need to fulfill on my dreams is inside me.

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