Kyle Sutton

I am the story I tell about myself.

About Me

My name is Kyle Sutton and I am the story I tell about myself.  So let's get things out in the open right from the start...I am a spiritual being living a human existence.  As a multi-dimensional being, I have physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and inspirational parts of me that are crying to be heard. Some parts are public while others have been relegated to the shadows.  The shadows keep me safe, but they also limit my opportunities and possibilities. As I emerge from the shadows, I will expose my past, share in my successes, struggles, passion, and gain access to my ongoing personal and professional world, which is fully committed in being of service.

I am extremely careful of using the words "I am" in a sentence. Whatever words follow the identifier I am defines me. It limits me and creates my future.

I am the father to two remarkable sons: Josh & Jordan, and the grandfather of four beautiful grandchildren: Allen, Alex, Lily & Lyla.  I am the author of three books through my company Mauldin Books.  My chosen profession: I am an Intuitive Healer & an Intuitive Coach. Lastly, I am the pastor of an emerging spiritual center.  I am committed to making a difference and empowering each and every to live inside of his or her Life Purpose.

My Life Purpose is to listen for the Voice of God within.

My Personal Commitment

My purpose is to listen to and recreate your your words, just as you have said them so you may hear your story. Not every story is tragic or dysfunctional. Sometimes a story is just a story that is told so often that it becomes the truth (actions for everyone to see). Once you recognize your story as the story that limits your future, you can transform your story into a powerful, self-generating expression of joy, fulfillment & purpose.

I see your life as perfect because it reflects the story you tell about yourself. I treat you as perfect. To transform your story you must:

Create: YOU, Powerful Choices & A New Future.

Share: Like your Life Depends on it, What’s Really There & To Make a Difference.

Generate: Joy and Passion, Abundance & Others

Without these steps, you are operating inside of your current story.

My Global Commitment

I am committed that the 7+ billion people on our planet fully know his or her life purpose and live fully each day fulfilling it. In order to fulfill on my global commitment, I created the Life Purpose Project, an organization where you can transition your personal purpose into a higher purpose.

The Life Purpose Project is a 3-tiered process:

  1. Uncover your Life Purpose.
  2. Develop for yourself how to implement your Life Purpose in your life, community, county, state, country, and globally.
  3. Empower the Life Purpose of others.

Everyone is born with a Purpose, a reason for living at this time, in this place, in this moment. There are an excess of seven billion people whose Life Purpose is waiting to be realized. The realization of every Life Purpose is a transformed planet, and a transformed planet creates unconditional love for self and others, shares the magic of empowered communication, and generates a future worth living.

Whatever you put into the world must first belong to you!


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