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Being an Intuitive, I have always heard voices. It comes with the gift. However, during the summer of 2014, a deep, echoing voice reverberated forcefully throughout my body with non-verbal messages revealed to my mind and heart. I was unable to ignore the voice since he chose to ‘speak’ during client sessions. It made those sessions very confusing.

In September, I received a clear, definitive message, “Whatever you put into the world must first belong to you.” At first I thought the message was directed toward my client, but it became very clear that the message was for me. I recognized how the message complemented my Life Purpose Message, “Listening for the Voice of God within.” Once acknowledging the connection, I began receiving downloads of information.

Near the end of 2014, I received the message that I was communicating with the Archangel Gabriel. It immediately made sense as I was developing the outline for ‘The Gabriel Principle.’ He explained he was preparing me for a future beyond extraordinary.

As 2015 rang in, I received a message that I was about to meet my first incarnated angel. No other information followed. I simply had to have faith.

The first week of February, Gabriel began talking about Jordyn, the autistic son of a very good friend, Kelli Pallett. In every download, I learned Jordyn is an angel in human form and is Gabriel’s highest angel. I had a difficult time processing this information. Overwhelmed, I had no idea how I would use it.

At the end of February, Kelli asked me if I would come to Toronto and stay with Jordyn for three days while she pursued an extraordinary opportunity. The path seemed clear. After much reflection, in mid-March I told Kelli about the messages I’d been receiving. To say the least, she was flabbergasted. She listened and said she needed time to think.

After a few days, Kelli called and told me she had processed enough of the information and had accepted it as her path. She also told me she had talked with Jordyn and he told her he had been getting messages, too. My body shuddered as I knew my arrival in Toronto now had a bigger purpose.

In April, Gabriel revealed another message. "These individual are divine and have a higher purpose. Each purpose is unique to the community into which they have chosen to be a part. Each angel listens with the purity of a divine soul and reacts accordingly. One of the effects of a divine being squeezed into a human form is that the human body is not designed to house such a being. Imagine if you can the Hoover Dam with all its force and power being funneled into a straw. There is no way the straw can handle the immense force of energy; causing involuntary movements and impulses. This is the effect being an angel has on the angels among us."

The evening before Kelli left, I received another message, "I have been communicating with you and Jordyn. You are the one to help Jordyn find his voice and fulfill on his mission.” Jordyn’s mission is to make the world a loving place, free from war and hatred, and create the space for all the angels in human form to assist and be comfortable in their bodies.

Jordyn taught me more in three days than I’d learned my entire life. We struggled to communicate on day one. We wrestled with connecting on day two. We found our common bond on day three, and created a powerful love and respect for one another.

Upon Kelli's return, she and I had an extraordinary talk. She could see the difference in Jordyn and me. We knew in that moment that our lives had shifted forever. Returning home, I continued to get messages meant for Jordyn and Kelli. I would email or talk to Kelli about the messages. Jordyn would often confirm the message; sometimes before Kelli had finished the email.

Kelli’s role expanded beyond mother to Communication Partner. She created the space for Jordyn to live into his mission. Her love and commitment to the bigger picture expanded her role as advocate in the world of Autism.

As time went by, Kelli and I talked less as Jordyn’s role expanded. I would send messages regarding ‘downloads’ intended to expand Jordyn’s understanding of his role. We learned that he is to share his experience as an Autistic and an Angel through is blog, Jordyn’s Rocky Journey: My Adventure with An Uncontrollable Body.

Between the time I stayed with Jordyn and the next time we physically met, Jordyn transformed from child to teenager. His interests had shifted from computer games to girls; one in particular, Graciela. Furthermore, he is communicating directly with Gabriel. In recent months, my former need to relay messages has been eliminated and I have only provided the dates for the ‘downloads,’ which are coming less frequently and with more intensity.

At the end of 2017, Kelli asked if I would like to attend a conference in Atlanta. Just prior to this invite, I had chosen to transition from South Carolina to Washington DC. I was struggling to find my voice in a new situation which included living in the home of my aging parents and assisting with the care of a family friend suffering from Alzheimer’s. Other than the moments when Gabriel forced me to hear his messages for me, I had let ‘life’ overshadow my mission. Kelli’s call put me back on my path. Prior to attending the conference, I received a message that I would know my complete purpose by the completion of the weekend. I didn’t understand why I needed to attend, but both Kelli and I embraced that message that my presence was required.

In February, Kelli and Jordyn drove from Toronto to Washington to pick up two passengers. Julie Santo, a member of Jordyn’s team through Autistically Inclined working with a family in Maryland, and I joined the journey to Atlanta’s Innovations in Education conference. During the 12-hour drive, I received multiple reaffirming messages from those in the car that I was meant to be exactly where I was.

Entering the building for the first time, I felt love, acceptance, joy and generosity. The support system for Jordyn was amazing. I sat on the row with Jordyn, Kelli and Mike (Jordyn's parents), Sarah (Jordyn's aunt) and Julie. As the conference began, I started seeing some of the autistic persons present as angels. Prior to this conference, I thought all autistic persons were angels. However, I quickly learned as I watched them interact with one another that this was untrue. Astonishingly, some angels knew they were angels, while others didn’t. It was in this moment that I fully realized Jordyn’s purpose.

Jordyn is here to unite the Angels in the global mission, as well as have each one fulfill on his or her personal purpose. And me, I have expanded beyond who I knew myself to be as I embrace my role as Angel Communicator.

totally love kyle sutton.

he and i have a very special bond.  he really helped me be ok with who i am.  totally love all my special gifts and my angelic and autistic sides, that i used to resist and wish was different. he could connect with me in a way no one else could. my soul was lifted when around him.  before i could talk with my letter board kyle could understand me.  he is a gift from the almighty to people like me. you should definitely connect with him.

jordyn pallett, 15 yr old autistic angelic wonderful human being

It isn’t easy to put into words the difference knowing Kyle Sutton is making in our lives.  Kyle was, and is, able to connect with our non-speaking autistic son, Jordyn, in a way that we hadn’t experienced with any other professional – on a whole other level that communicated to the real him vs. what you might see on the outside given his behaviours.  Kyle’s confident, knowing, humorous straight-talk has guided us to create a space for Jordyn to flourish.  Having this guidance transformed our relationship with Jordyn.  Numerous times I’ve contacted Kyle not knowing how to support Jordyn, and he responds with a few sentences that I implement and then watch the stress in Jordyn fade away practically instantly.  Jordyn knows he has a loving partner in Kyle to help him navigate the world of living in a body that he is not in full control of, while leading a productive life fulfilling the mission he has created for himself.

Kelli Pallett, Jordyn's remarkable mother

What I know about Angels

During the conference, I received multiple downloads with regard to my new role. There are always 144,000 individuals diagnosed with Autism throughout the world who are Angels; divine creatures who have chosen to take a very limited human form. When one Angel departs this realm, another Angel manifests. Each Angel is committed to completing a very specific mission, as well as being tasked to join forces with other Angels to fulfill upon the greater purpose; being a part of Archangel Gabriel’s Legion of Peace, Acceptance and Love.

Discerning an Angel is not as simple as it might seem. Not every person diagnosed with autism is an angel. Not every angel knows s/he is an Angel. Some Angels live are clustered together in a specific area, while others are isolated.

The environment in which each Angel lives is unique. Some are accepted as a higher being by their caretakers, even if the caretaker is unaware of whom his or her charge is. Others may be treated as flawed and broken. How the Angels are perceived impacts the path and future of the mission.

Since every Angel is born with a higher purpose, the Angel never 'forgets' the reason for which s/he was born. However, given the circumstances, an Angel may live an entire life without fulfilling on the specific mission.

It is important to note that an Angel communicates at a higher frequency of understanding and relatedness. Angels communicate in the language of peace, acceptance and love. Human beings are not attuned to this frequency. The Angels Among Us are here to cause us to listen in a different way.

The non-angel Autistic is here to help us accept the human condition as a whole. These men, women and children are also born to a higher purpose. They are here to teach us that love is present even in the most difficult situations.

My Purpose

As an Angel Communicator, I determine if your child is an Angel or an extraordinary person diagnosed with Autism. The outcome will provide, at a minimum, your child’s Life Purpose Message.

With the periodic downloads from Gabriel, Angels are already receiving messages about the gathering. Some may understand what is happening, yet over 80% may not. I support Angels in connecting with their divine purpose by embracing their remarkable power while being an autistic human being.

Unfortunately, most Angels are limited by the humans surrounding them. Humans are anchored to the physical world, not to the divine. Even those who are 'enlightened' exist within limits unknown by the Angels. It is difficult for limitless power to be contained, much like trapping the ocean in a whiskey bottle. The internal power is always present and available, yet the physical limits inhibit the external power. I value my role in generating these divine beings by letting them know that they have an advocate who can communicate using the chakra system and the frequencies they understand. I understand that they are an immense, limitless power confined in a very limited shell.

I offer you an opportunity to expand yourself beyond who you know yourself to be. Together, we may acknowledge your child's true self, and assist his/her ascension to be an active member of the Archangel Gabriel's Legion for Peace, Acceptance and Love.

A Call to Action

If you choose to take on an Angel Communicator program, you will value your child in a new way. Your child will begin to share who s/he was born to be. As the 'parent/caretaker', you will fully appreciate your child's place in the world, and fully embrace your role in your Angel's life. This child was 'born' to you because it is your life purpose to fulfill on the individual mission and generate the greater purpose.

Your child's ability to contribute to the world is limitless. Let's talk about the possibilities.

I welcome our conversation regarding your Angel. If you have a child diagnosed with autism and you believe s/he may be an Angel, schedule a call to discuss the possibilities about how your Angel can change the world.


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