Is your energy system aligned?

Could it be holding you back?

Every living being has chakras. They are the source of living energy. The human body contains seven major chakras. These chakras are our energetic centers and they resonate with the quality and quantity of the energy in your physical body. Western medicine has finally recognized that each chakra correlates to key clusters of nerve cells. The chakras, once considered to be only metaphysical or occult theories, are increasingly accepted as corresponding to specific physical organs and bodily functions.

However, there is another level to our chakras. Your seven chakras also relate to emotional issues, spiritual lessons and life challenges. As such, how well we are growing and developing as individuals is reflected in our chakras.

As a Healer, I specialize in Chakra Balance & Energy Healing. I focus my energy on finding a balance between your chakra system (Spirit) & your physical, emotional, mental systems (Human). These spinning wheels are your life force. The human body is pure energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Based on the frequency level, you will experience physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual highs or lows.

The seven major chakras dictate the health and functionality of your abilities and capabilities. Aligning your chakra system energizes your human abilities and heightens your spiritual connections. Additionally, the health of your chakra system creates the true connection to your Life Purpose and how it manifests in life.

Perhaps you've never really explored chakras, have read or heard about chakras, or you know that there is more to you that just the body you see in the mirror and that your body is the conduit through which the universal life force flows. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned student, healer, or spiritual seeker, you will find a wealth of knowledge on this website. Explore the basic knowledge found here or choose to delve deeper into topics of healing, self-discovery and transformation through a personal session.

Your Chakra Assessment & Alignment may only be done as an in-person session. I will intuitively read each chakra in turn and indicate my impressions and perceptions regarding the quality of energy in them, I relate the most relevant symbols, images or messages that I receive. I decipher what I see and sense within the context of the particular chakra so that you can begin to work with that energy as appropriate.


A Chakra card session is simple and may be done over the telephone. I have two decks which I use, and you may choose either from which I will pull your cards.  During your session, I will pull three cards. Those three cards will instruct me in which way our session will proceed. A card session is best used when partnered with another appointment type, yet may be performed alone. I find combining sessions provides clarity as to where blockages and resistance are  'hiding.'


Attention: Please be aware that Chakra Alignment is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment or care. Alignment is considered by many to be a complementary therapy that can work effectively alongside allopathic healthcare.  I am not a medical practitioner and do not attempt to diagnose or claim to cure medical conditions. I do believe that complementary therapies are not only very beneficial preventative treatments but they can also assist the healing process and be used in conjunction with traditional medicine. They do not, however, replace traditional western medicine.


  • As cliche as it sounds, I have always had a feeling my boyfriend and I are soul mates. That feeling was confirmed to be true during my session with Kyle and he informed me I have been in love with my boyfriend in four other past lives. Kyle also realigned my chakras and basically transformed my way of life. He helped me heal and open my heart chakra. He put things into perspective by addressing issues I have repressed that were preventing me to fully live my life's potential.
  • I wanted to let you know how much I personally enjoyed having a reading from you! What you said to me made a lot of sense, and I could see elements of my life that have held me back from full self expression due to karmic baggage I have been carrying with me for hundreds of years! I feel free for the first time in forever and my emotions have been flowing freely as well!
  • Kyle has a unique ability to tune in to people and situations. He easily adapts to each client needs, be it questions, healing or affirmation. He fosters a positive atmosphere where everyone feels relaxed and comfortable and promotes self empowerment. Kyle gives of himself and always shares his love and joy.
  • Kyle is such an inspiration on so many different levels to work with. I have had the pleasure on working with him on a professional level as well as on a personal one on one level. He is driven, he seeks action, and he follows through with his words. His energy and passion for others is so driven, you leave his presence with a better knowing of yourself.
  • Every so often as we journey through life, each of us encounter a teacher, a counselor, a guru, or simply said, the messenger of God that helps you to unlock your full potential. Kyle is one of those enlightened beings whose light touches and changes your life forever.He has help me to rediscover my true self and make sense of my true purpose, and set me on the path that I resisted. He told me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear.
  • Kyle Sutton is a visionary with a global view and broad business savvy-driven by a loving heart. He combines wondrous creativity with solid practicality, supported by a rare perception of what's just right for the situation and for the person. He brings profound gifts to each challenge, offering fresh insights and new opportunities.
  • The first time I met with Kyle I had a terrible sore throat. It was right before a major audition and I felt like there was a golf ball sized lump in my throat when I swallowed. I'd done some other types of energy healing and acupuncture, and I still had a horrible sore, scratchy throat which doesn't work for an opera singer. I was desperate for a 'quick fix.' Anything to get my singing voice back safely immediately.
  • Within 20 minutes of our meeting, not only was my sort throat absolutely gone, but Kyle told me exactly what I needed to do to keep it from coming back. And it worked. I've met with Kyle several more times since, and each time we meet, I leave having healed the pain in my body that brought me there. I walk away satisfied that I was heard, acknowledged and honored.

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