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On this site I express all sides of myself. I am a multi-dimensional human being with many facets like a rare diamond. Like you, I am unique. I have a range of moods, experiences, insights and stories. Each life is all about the story. On the following pages, you will find my story, from my point of view.

After many years of self-exploration, I choose to follow my Life Purpose: Listening for the Voice of God Within. I generate my life through being the source of my results. I am accountable for every aspect of my life (success or failure) and totally responsible for every action I take before and after the results. I perform a daily inventory of my life, examine how I generated the failures, examined what worked in the successes, and acknowledge my involvement in both.

First, if joy and abundance is missing in those around me, it is obviously missing in me. At the moment I recognize the missing elements, it becomes my responsibility is to see where I can put joy and abundance into my life and generate it into the world. I am committed to having joy and abundance in every aspect of my life, so altering my view to recognize the joy and abundance, alters the world view. The power of being accountable and responsible for the harmony and love around the world creates a space of possibility for joy and abundance for every human being on the planet.

Second, life is meant to be experienced fully and completely. If I find myself living deep inside my comfort zone, I am simply living inside of existence. To live fully and completely, I must take one action each day that takes me outside myself and puts me in the service of others. For example, if I have a need for money, job or relationship, I generate it for others and I will have all I want or need. Abundance is just what it says it is. There is an abundance of love, money, relationship, choices, success, etc. in the world, but it is only available when it is at the core of who you are. Abundance is not limited. Abundance does not generate just enough. Abundance takes what you want or need, fills the cup, and spills out the excess for all. Abundance is generated from the inside out. If you are waiting for abundance to arrive, you are living a reactive life and will find life dictating your choices. Find a way to be the source of abundance: give it away with a grateful heart, uncover where it is missing in your life, and you will suddenly have abundance everywhere in your life.

Last, I have the power to change my life in an instant. I am who I say I am. What I say about myself, others or situations is will create my life. If I have a negative attitude toward a person that attitude will be reflected back ten-fold. I intend to find a way to be thankful for all I have and love unconditionally. The power of having a fulfilled life comes to life in the next words you speak.

Personally and Professionally

I've lived a very full life, both in the shadows and in the sunlight. I cherish all of my life experiences. My family and friends are everything to me yet I have been inconsistent in my interactions with them. I have struggled with who I need to be for myself, my family and friends, my community, and the world. Through self-examination and the power of choice, I embrace my spiritual gifts as an Intuitive and Healer, and I honed my skill as a Story Transformation Coach, as well as being an author, publisher and entrepreneur living outside of Washington, DC.

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