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Intuitive Consult

Seeking Love

Resolve Family Issues

Experiencing Depression, Sadness, Anger, Addictions

Crossroads in Life/Transitions

Live your Life Purpose

Career Consultation

Money or Financial Issues

Recognized Past Life Connections

Reduce Stress and the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Energetic Impacts of Stress

General Feelings of Being Stuck, Unhappy or Ill At Ease with Life

Develop your Intuition

I was born an Intuitive. It is who I am. Being blessed with a God-given gift, it is my duty to share it. If you are looking for answers, searching for your purpose or wondering how your past lives are impacting your current life, an Intuitive Consultation may be the answer for you. There is always a message waiting to be delivered. Whether it is a nudge in a certain direction or a major life choice, your answers are waiting.

I would be honored to work with you and assist you in expanding wholeness, clarity, and love in your life and relationships. Each reading reflects your essence in ways that are essentially beyond perception. I experience the reading process along with you, rather than creating it. I am able to access any life that is relevant to your questions, including questions that you have concerning relationships with lovers, friends, or family, and questions regarding personal issues challenging your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical self.

An Intuitive Consultation

Being an Intuitive Consult is a very important part of my practice! I have been blessed with the ability to see, hear or sense messages meant specifically for you. I view my Intuitive Consultations as a mini-coaching session; a direct conversation providing you with insights into the past, blocks in the present, and a probable future. We will explore your life: Love, Relationships, Passion, Career, Spirituality, Romance, Family, Money & many more.

Life Purpose Message

Your Life Purpose Message was whispered to you at the moment of your birth. It is what the world needed most when you were born. This message is who you were meant to be. Once you reached the age of five or six, you may have realized that there was something missing, something important. Your Life Purpose message is always playing in the background of your life like that song you can't get out of your head.

Past Life Connections

You are the culmination of every life experience and you are also a mix of unresolved past life experiences. When connecting to your past lives, you discover the remnants of unfinished relationships demanding completion. I can give you guidance on the clearing process should this be what comes through in your reading. There is no hypnosis or regression during this session.  I can access past lives intuitively which does not acquire hypnosis or any state in which you were not fully in control. I visualize images from your past lives that will open up areas of discussion that will forward the fulfillment of your life.