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A Group Reading is an experience where each guest will receive messages that are needed at this time. Each group is limited to twenty people, allowing time with each guest but must have a minimum of six guests. By participating in a group reading, you will not only hear messages intended for you, but messages for other guests. It is implied that there is a veil of protection around the session, and what is said in the room during the session is to be considered private and confidential. A group session is held in a warm and intimate atmosphere where new friends are often created from this shared experience. A session typically runs between 2.5 and 3 hours.

How It Works: Once a month, Kyle will offer an opportunity for random guests to assemble for a group experience. Everyone in the group will receive messages he or she is meant to hear at this time. There is no prepared script, and as Kyle links with Spirit, he will move through the group in a random manner. The sessions are beautiful, touching, and above all, a time to connect with your higher power. The messages will be communicated in the way in which they are delivered. Of course, there are times when it can be quite emotional and no one is ever intentionally embarrassed, as Kyle is very sensitive and aware of the nature of any communication.

Kyle makes every effort to divide the time as equally as possible, but some messages are persistent until fully delivered. You may hear messages meant for you specifically or you may end up being the middleman who passes on a message to a family-member or friend. You may not hear the message or answer for which you booked the appointment. The questions/concerns come in your time, the answers come when the time is right. Kyle cannot guarantee an outcome.

Registration: Each guest must register three days prior to the event when the registration will be closed. Late registration will not be accepted. A guest may register for an additional three guests when registering, but the registering guest may only register a maximum of four guests. This allows for a random selection of guests. The registering guest is responsible for the accompanying fees to participate in a group experience. The reading fee applies to each guest.


Please bring a pad and pen to take your own notes if you wish, as no recording is allowed at these sessions with respect for everyone's privacy. You may also want to bring your own liquid refreshments. It is always a good idea to prepare yourself before you arrive. Try not to come directly from work (if possible) so that you arrive in a relaxed and stress-free mood.

The sessions start promptly, so you’re encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow Kyle to use all the time available. If we start late, it reduces the amount of time available for everyone. Kyle makes it a practice to lock the door 10 minutes after the session begins. If you have not arrived by this time, you will forfeit your fee and will not be gained entrance to the session.


Please note: To participate in a Group Reading, you MUST be able to travel to the Washington, DC and surrounding area (50 miles), depending on where the group takes place. Please be aware that a group reading may help you understand the process of an Intuitive Consultation, but does not take the place of a private reading.


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