A private session (either in person or phone) with Kyle is a three-way conversation between Spirit, Kyle and you, the client. Kyle is the ‘conduit’ through which Spirit will deliver your messages. Whether you are interested in an Intuitive Consult, a Past Life Connection or a Life Purpose Message session, Kyle will bring his best when delivering messages in general or to your specific questions.

Communication is directed by Spirit. The messages are delivered as they are given. Kyle uses all of his God-given abilities to forge a bridge between your wants and needs and the intention of Spirit.


From time to time, Kyle conducts group readings (no more than sixteen per group). These are intimate sessions where people come together to share their experiences as Kyle works with each member of the group, one by one. These sessions can be intense, filled with great emotion, tenderness, laughter, and tears, as well as closure and healing.

There are two types of groups. The first is a private gathering, one hosted by a requesting individual. This gathering is designed by the host; location, duration, and number of guests. The second group is designed by Kyle at a location chosen by him.

Whether the gathering is private or public, the reading fee applies to each member of your party. Please be aware that a group reading will expose everyone to the messages being delivered.

Other Ways to See Kyle

If you would prefer not to wait, there are many other ways to see Kyle and even study with him. Kyle lives in the Fairfax County, and most of his groups meet in the Washington DC metropolitan area. However, if Kyle is traveling to your area, you may request a group session during his visit.

Check out the events section to see if he's teaching or appearing at a city near you, or check his calendar for the next "Intuitive Gathering" event, which is a small group (12 max) when Kyle delivers readings to a larger group setting.


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