Host your very own Intuitive Reading Party

Fees are based on the number of guests.

1-4  -- $50 per guest

5-8 -- $45 per guest

9-12 -- $40per guest

It pays to be part of a crowd.

More people, more fun!

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What is an Intuitive Reading Party?

An Intuitive Reading Party is a gathering of up to 12 people who are interested in having a reading. There are two options for a reading, Private and Group. Both have a lot to offer, but are a very different experience.

To host an event, the first item on the list is do I want to host one? If the answer is yes, then you have solved the most difficult part of the equation. Look at the items listed below and if you are interested, make an complimentary appointment so we can discuss the details.

Before you contact me:

  • Make a list of people you would like to invite (exclude yourself)
  • Minimum of 4 guests & maximum of 12
  • Select the type of event you'd like to host:
  • Private readings
  • There will be a 20 minute or so introduction
  • Each guest will have about 20 minutes with me in a private room
  • Group readings
  • Each guest will share the limelight
  • All readings will be public
  • Select a location, date and time

Schedule our call

After our conversation:

  • Click on the link I send you to complete the registration
  • Forward the email I send you to invite your guests
  • Manage any questions or issues with regard to your event
  • Maintain conversations with all your guests
  • It is my experience that some people become confronted with what they may hear
  • If your event is more than one month out,  you will need to communicate at least once a week to keep their interest up
  • Plan a menu
  • This does not have to be anything outrageous, but it does keep people busy when they are waiting for their turn, or gives them a chance to share what they've received
  • I would suggest that you request your guests bring something to share
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