..."transformed my way of life."

"As cliche as it sounds, I have always had a feeling my boyfriend and I are soul mates. That feeling was confirmed to be true during my session with Kyle and he informed me I have been in love with my boyfriend in four other past lives. Kyle also realigned my chakras and basically transformed my way of life.  He helped me heal and open my heart chakra.  He put things into perspective by addressing issues I have repressed that were preventing me to fully live my life's potential.

Kyle is humble, relatable, endearing and can effectively convey the messages he wants to give. I felt immediate love and compassion from him."

Alyssa H. | Bluffton

..."karmic baggage"

I wanted to let you know how much I personally enjoyed having a reading from you! What you said to me made a lot of sense, and I could see elements of my life that have held me back from full self expression due to karmic baggage I have been carrying with me for hundreds of years! I feel free for the first time in forever and my emotions have been flowing freely as well! When you spoke to the other participant in the room, I felt like we were having the same intuitive experience as I had told her similar things while giving her a massage. That confirmed what I already knew and what you said to me personally confirmed dreams and feelings I have had too! I look forward to our next session!

Laurie H. | LMT |  Bluffton

..."love and joy."

Kyle has a unique ability to tune in to people and situations. He easily adapts to each client needs, be it questions, healing or affirmation. He fosters a positive atmosphere where everyone feels relaxed and comfortable and promotes self empowerment.  Kyle gives of himself and always shares his love and joy.

Page R. | Hilton Head

"Kyle sees the big picture..."

Kyle is such an inspiration on so many different levels to work with. I have had the pleasure on working with him on a professional level as well as on a personal one on one level. He is driven, he seeks action, and he follows through with his words. His energy and passion for others is so driven, you leave his presence with a better knowing of yourself.

Kyle sees the BIG picture, but he makes you question the details and the process on getting there. He has a greater presence when he is around, that I don't think he even realizes, and brings such positive attributes to his environment. I know I can honestly say that in the six months that I got to know and work with Kyle, he has made a huge impact on my life and I will forever be grateful for all he brought to me.

C. Shallow | Melbourne, Florida

...and Kyle's intuitive abilities, wow!

I have used Kyle's skills over the past four years. Kyle has led me through a rough family spot, I was beside myself with sibling issues and an aging mother who just barks. Using his life coaching, I was able to visit my family and have a much better time with his guidance and suggestions. Now every visit is so much easier and visiting is no longer a challenge but a pleasure, and Kyle's intuitive abilities, wow!

I was lucky enough to speak with a dear departed friend, my grandmother, and a departed teenager, too. I was impossible for Kyle to have known the answers to the questions I asked. Kyle has also given me advice on situations I was facing using his intuitive insights. Sometimes, I believe I cannot make a decision without his input. I have learned buckets about myself from knowing Kyle. I am so glad that Kyle is now in the Bluffton/Hilton Head area, because when I start telling people about him, he can be there immediately with his services.

Tim H. | Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

"...a messenger of God that helps you unlock your full potential."

Every so often as we journey through life, each of us encounter a teacher, a counselor, a guru, or simply said, the messenger of God that helps you to unlock your full potential. Kyle is one of those enlightened beings whose light touches and changes your life forever.

He has help me to rediscover my true self and make sense of my true purpose, and set me on the path that I resisted. He told me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. An encounter with Kyle is one of the best things that could happen to you.

(name withheld by request) | Barcelona, Spain

...clarity and understanding...

I called Kyle with three specific questions in three areas of my life. My experience of the call with Kyle was like looking inside me and seeing what I couldn't see. I was left with having clarity and understanding of what I wanted and no longer confused or unsure. Know what my purpose is and had me connect to it at a deeper level.

Beulah P. | Los Angeles

...clearer about my path...

I have been served by Kyle's talents several times over the years and have found his insights and visions eerily accurate. He is so calm and conversational with his readings that it often feels like a conversation with a friend that has known you your whole life and who also has a little bit of a crystal ball. After each session, I have left it feeling clearer about my path and the next actions that I need to take.

Frankie | NYC

WOW   Wow   wow!

Kyle was a complete joy to have in my home. His presence was calm and sweet and positive. He spent valuable time with me. He didn't rush our process and was super enlightening. Thank you so much....

Sue V. | Washington DC


...I was heard, acknowledged and honored.

The first time I met with Kyle I had a terrible sore throat. It was right before a major audition and I felt like there was a golf ball sized lump in my throat when I swallowed. I'd done some other types of energy healing and acupuncture, and I still had a horrible sore, scratchy throat which doesn't work for an opera singer. I was desperate for a 'quick fix.' Anything to get my singing voice back safely immediately.

Within 20 minutes of our meeting, not only was my sort throat absolutely gone, but Kyle told me exactly what I needed to do to keep it from coming back. And it worked. I've met with Kyle several more times since, and each time we meet, I leave having healed the pain in my body that brought me there. I walk away satisfied that I was heard, acknowledged and honored.

Luciana C. | Washington DC

"I felt completely paralyzed..."

Inspired!!!!! After my conversation with Kyle...that's what I feel. Inspired. Inspired to take action towards a fulfilled life and sense of being. On several occasions, Kyle has helped me by facing my issues...not hiding behind excuses and situations that I put in front of myself.

Kyle's intuitive skills have guided me towards my passion. If anything stands in my way, it's because I have placed that roadblock myself. Conversations with Kyle always help lead me around those self-imposed blocks and place instead a map of easily achieved goals!!! Kyle is able to glean from his training and natural talent the tools necessary to help people - no matter who they are, their background or financial standing - to guide and help them so they can have a life that everybody deserves. I have seen time and time again, people meeting Kyle for the first time...it's amazing how fast they felt comfortable to just sit down and have the most open and honest conversation they have ever experienced. to be able to say anything to somebody and not FEEL judged is so refreshing and relaxing. I come away feeling free to do and be whatever I want and need to be.

There was a time early in our relationship that I was so mired down with a sense of loss and bitterness - I felt completely paralyzed in life - unable to accomplish anything - there was a feeling of a huge black mass in the pit of my stomach that had me standing like a deer caught in headlights about all aspects of my life - all the emotional pain had been bottled up and sat heavy in my stomach. Without saying anything to him except "tell me what you think I'm experiencing right now," he was able to describe it to me; the heaviness and blackness in my chest and stomach, and throughout our session that evening (talking and crying), he told me to give this pain to him. I was confused at first, but then he ever so lightly touched my stomach and asked that I give this emotional pain to him. I felt it leave. I went from sobbing to laughing, and I have not had this emotional pain and anguish return. I took from him a lesson in manifesting a sense of well-being that night. That was 18 years ago and I continue to be able to maintain no matter what situations life hands me!

Jeannette P. | St. Augustine, Florida

Give this to me...

My doctor had found a growth in my abdomen. Both fear and belief in Kyle initiated the conversation regarding my situation. As we stood in the middle of a crowded room, he looked deep in my eyes and placed his hands on my stomach and back. He just looked at me and I felt heat radiate from his hands. Suddenly, he took in a deep breath, and then said something that shocked me. In a soft, gentle tone, he said, "Give this to me." I resisted, and he smiled then asked again. I closed my eyes and let him take it. I felt a jump in my abdomen, and then he slowly removed his hands. I didn't feel any different, except I was very calm and at peace. Kyle simply smiled and gave me a hug.

I went to the doctor the next day, and when he searched my abdomen, he found no growth. This experience has made me a true believer in God's amazing healing power, and Kyle's willingness to be a vessel through which God can work. If you need a miracle, Kyle may not be able to 'cure what ails you' as he did me, but he has the ability for you to feel the love of God fully and completely.

B. Myers | Bethesda, Maryland

She identified herself by using her nickname for me...

I had the privilege to be around Kyle for a week, during which I have been blessed with unlocking a part of myself that had held me back for far too long. Gradually, over short period time, Kyle made me understand more about myself than any parent, friend, psychiatrist, psychologist, or clergy person ever did.

Right away he let me know about my chakras being blocked and the impact those blockages had on my life. After warning me that the process of opening my chakras could be a truly emotional and overwhelming experience, I put my trust in him and allowed myself to be guided on that journey. He first started by testing each of them, and determined that three of them needed attention right away, and he let me decide which one I wanted to have unblocked first. Once I did, I opened up to one of the best experiences of my life.

My mother who had crossed over came to join us. She identified herself by using her nickname for me: little tiny man, which no one calls me because I am 6'3', 221 pounds, and it's not the first thing that comes to mind for most who meet me. This name is one Kyle could not have possibly known. Moreover, I was able to feel her presence physically. Kyle told me to gesture to her as if I were hugging her, and the most incredible consideration came over me. I felt her warmth, smelled her scent, and felt her energy.

She passed to me the messages that I needed to be able to accept and embrace my true self. When she left, we checked my chakras again. I was completely balanced.

Since then, I've learned my purpose and have embraced it, and have become a better person for it. The gift the Kyle bestowed on me is beyond amazing. It would take me to lifetime to express the depth of my gratitude to what Kyle has unlocked and me.

(name withheld by request) | New York, New York

"I was at my wits end."

Just before the age of two, my son's behavior drastically changed. Never a laid-back child, he quickly became agitated, never happy and violent. He started paying his head against his crib, and then against the walls. The worst was when he banged his head against a single pane of window and broke it; thankfully, he was not hurt. It got so bad that we couldn't take them to restaurants because he would have uncontrollable fits. His teachers were always complaining about him not getting along with his other "friends" at school. He was noticeably unhappy, and we were extremely frustrated.

By the time he was four, my husband and I had decided to end our marriage. I took my son and move to another state. Shortly after the move and just before he turned five, he became more violent and extremely agitated. He was crying more and listening less. Sometimes, he would want to physically hurt me. I was at my wits end.

Fortunately, I had discovered the emotion code program, and started getting treatment for both my son and myself. First, we remove the heart wall, and then focus on other issues, such as attitude towards authority and getting along with others. These treatments helped, but the problem was not resolved. He became more and more agitated, and was asked to leave his private school. I had no option but to home school him. During this time, I was constantly worried about what I would have to face in the fall when I put him back into a formal school environment.

In March 2013, Kyle and I were having a conversation about my concerns, and my fear that my son would never pull together. I was terrified this behavior would command the wrong type of attention, and that he would be forced to go on medication to calm him down. Never one to believe in this type of treatment, I talked to Kyle about exploring different options. At one point in the conversation, Kyle stopped talking and then a minute later, he told me that my son had an entity attached to him. It was and angry old man who attached himself on our move from Nashville to Charlotte. This entity was the one who was making my son do these crazy things, like refusing to listen and not getting along with others.

Kyle instructed me that I should buy three crystals/stones and place one in each of his hands and wanted his feet. I was also told make a pyramid and hang it over his bed. After 30 min., I was to tell the entity to leave. The difference the next day was remarkable. My son was happy, and the one thing he did was ask if he could play with the little boy across the street. His behavior during home schooling was different: for the better. I saw more proven as the days went by. We did notice a small setback that the entity was still around but not attached, so Kyle recommended one more stone and treatment for week. After that, the entity was gone.

Mark finished his home school, and is attending second-grade. He did well in summer camp, and he is enrolled in a learning center to help him catch up academically. Though he is still quirky, he is on his way to being a normal little boy.

Thank you, Kyle! Without this intervention, I don't know where my son would be.

(name withheld by request) | Baltimore, MD

"I can do this!"

Thank you so much for our session this weekend. It was so great talking with you. I will send my draft of the logo in a day or so. I need to fill in the colors and get a good pen. Since our session, I have picked up so much inspiration. Literally, I found a company owned by a young lady on the west coast who designs prints for shirts and other wearables for bands, retailers and other creatives. I can do this! Love you. Thank you!!

Mafara H. | Washington DC

"...create new possibilities..."

Since having Kyle enter my life, I've learned a lot about my own spirituality and I create new possibilities for myself and for my life.

Loni R. | Florida

"Kyle provides an additional value with his insights..."

Being in a sales career, I have always created goals. However, working through goal setting with Kyle brought up a more specific line of questioning, and a great time line for getting things accomplished. The exercise was fun, and provided great insights. Having a coach is a great resource for keeping oneself accountable.

Kyle provides an additional value with his insights, especially around personal relationships. He has accurately predicted new boyfriends. Once Kyle responded to my question about meeting a boyfriend by telling me that I already knew him, but he was not available. Imagine my surprise when a guy who had been paying me a lot of attention for months, shared with me on our first date that he had just come out of a four-year relationship less than four-weeks later.

Over a year later, Kyle advised me that I would be happier elsewhere, and several months later, I realized he was right. I now pay close attention on our calls.

Natalie D. | Tennessee

...stellar, poignant, enlightening, and, most importantly, intuitive.

My word for Kyle is going to be WOW! As in...Wonderfully Observant & Wise. At the onset, my experience with Kyle was connecting and filled with luminous energy. As we progressed through our learning together I discovered the various parts that make up who he really was and now is. We truly bonded in a very short time. What I know about Kyle is that he is genuine, passionate, creative, loyal and dedicated. Learning with Kyle through CTI (the Coaches Training Institute) was an experience we shared and then shed a pattern of self-loathing, rejection and incompleteness.

In Kyle, what emerged was a calm, intuitive and joyous ‘Buddha.’ Kyle has a natural ability to see and others with a reject and do not send themselves, and through the process, uncovers more about himself. In our coaching relationship, he challenged me to stop rejecting the love, light and energy that we are my unique and natural gifts. He championed me to step into my greatness with full faith and passion; helping me to see and accept that I am powerful, disturbing of all that I desire for myself. At times and when caught off guard, what he said could be piercing, but once I overcame the constructive criticism and my own pride, I could lean into the learning he intended for me to experience.

His coaching skills are stellar, poignant, and lightning, and, most importantly, intuitive. His humanness has all the ingredients of unconditional acceptance, pure love, unwavering faith, deliberate Jory and absolute truth. I experience Kyle as someone who lives and breathes his profession of coaching. He not only talks the talk but he walks the path. What you see is what you get with Kyle. If you are ready to be challenged, to grow and step into your brilliance, think Kyle is definitely the coach for you. He has emerged victorious and is illuminating the field of coaching his way.

Esther B. | Tennessee

"...offering fresh insights and new opportunities."

Kyle Sutton is a visionary with a global view and broad business savvy-driven by a loving heart. He combines wondrous creativity with solid practicality, supported by a rare perception of what's just right for the situation and for the person. He brings profound gifts to each challenge, offering fresh insights and new opportunities.

Being an owner of multiple businesses, and author, speaker and leader, makes him an extraordinary resource. His ever-ready laughter, add grace and delight, uplifting those around him. I'm grateful for his vital guidance in choosing a new focus for a key aspect of my work.

Marilyn S. | Washington

GO! How to Think, Speak and ACT to Make Good Things Happen | gogreenlightway.com

...feels freed up and is amazed at the results...

My husband and I had a joint session with Kyle and it really exceeded all of our expectations. Being in conversation with Kyle provided a completely safe place to say what needed saying and to get there with speed and clear guidance. It is possible that we'd have found our own way through to this resolution but I can't imagine it happening in such a short amount of time

I'd say that my husband was the more skeptical of the two of us and, yet, he seems to have had a bigger impact from the session. He's mentioned several times in the last two weeks since our session that he feels freed up and is amazed at the results that are happening in his business life. He's come into several business opportunities to be a trainer and public speaker and these are things he's been out to make happen for over a year. Once we had our conversation with Kyle, these opportunities have landed in his lap without any struggle. Wow!

For me, I'm left reassured that my husband and I are aligned on having a child and that the upsets have just been about having different expectations about how to get there. Whew. What a load off.

I wish I could fully express the impact of working with Kyle. In lieu of that, I'll tell you that he is a professional who comes from a place of love and concern for his clients. He will tell it how it is and assist you in finding your own answers to life's questions. I was completely comfortable working with him and recommend him without hesitation.

A. Kessler | Texas


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