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  • Don't try to become a person of success, become a person of value!
  • The miracle you are expecting begins with your next action!
  • Expand your Spirit! Embrace your Emotions! Empower your Story!
  • If you want to see a hint of your future, examine on what you put your attention.
  • What you do today may improve all of your tomorrows.
  • Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
  • Your future doesn't lie ahead of you, waiting to happen.
  • It lies deep inside of you...waiting to be discovered.

Who I AM?

I AM are two of the most powerful words in any language. When speaking those two words, the words that follow demonstrate who you are and to what you are committed. You are also giving your personal pledge to achieving the action stated, making you responsible and accountable to fulfilling you word.

I AM committed to illuminating the hidden truths concealed deep within you.

I AM dedicated to revealing the greatest parts of you.

I AM compelled to integrate the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the being you were born to be.

I AM determined to provide you with the connection which elevates you to break through the shell you’ve created.

I AM blessed with a gift which allows me to connect with others through their spirit [soul], providing me access to their physical, emotional, and mental selves.

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What I do?

As a Spiritelligence Integration Specialist, I connect with every aspect of who you are which allows me to explore the core of your issues. Connecting through your spirit with mine, I meld our combined essence to open a line of communication.

Whether you choose:

  • An Intuitive Consult, Past Life Journey, or Life Purpose Consult,
  • A Chakra Assessment, Balance and Alignment, or Chakra Oracle Card Reading,
  • An Intuitive Coaching session,
  • An Intuitive Development Training for adults & children, or
  • My classes, seminars, or workshops

the connection we create provides the vibration at which I tap into the active and dormant parts of you; who you were born to be, and who you have become.

Together, we will release the essence of your true being.

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While the services I offer provide insight and resolution, you might be more interested in something that comes directly from you. Starting in September, I will be offering classes, seminars, and workshops that will provide you with the opportunity to tap into your intuitive side, and perhaps open your own personal connection with the other side. My classes fall into two categories, Developmental and Empowerment. Whether you are looking to develop yourself intuitively or have a desire to reprogram your thoughts to a more positive outlook, I have what you need.

Instead of a public class, you may choose to host your own private group session. You have 90% of the control [I have to keep something for myself.] Gatherings are held at your home or location appropriate for the event. Additionally, it will be with the people you want.

You make out the list and do all the inviting. You also get to say how it goes, and when you host the event, you pay nothing.

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